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Patient Compliance with PocketECG

Comfortable and easy to use, PocketECG helps ensure patient compliance for up to 30 days of monitoring, providing more complete and accurate information for a more precise diagnosis.

To ensure that PocketECG patients will be  more compliant – our technicians and developers consulted with physicians and patients during the development process, creating a device that would be both effective and comfortable.

PocketECG comes with two types of latex-free hypoallergenic electrodes, including a cloth version, which is easier to adhere and gentler on sensitive skin, ensuring that monitoring isn’t interrupted by skin irritation issues. The electrodes are easy to remove and reconnect, and placement on the skin may be adjusted periodically to keep the skin from becoming irritated. The PocketECG comes with a 30-day supply of each type of electrode, and additional electrodes can be provided if needed.

PocketECG also provides patients with complete, easy-to-follow instructions in print and on video, both of which demonstrate simple set-up and effective troubleshooting. And patients can feel confident that if no ECG signal is detected for a specified time, a technician will automatically contact the patient and assist with proper reconnection.

Also, symptom reporting is intuitive and easily accomplished by choosing from selections visible on the device’s home screen. A built-in accelerometer, continuously monitoring the physical activity of the patient, allows for automatic correlation of activity and symptoms with no input necessary from the patient.

Video tutorials for US patients

Introduction: What’s inside the box?

Step 1: Connecting the Device

Step 2: Charging the Device

Step 3: Bathing and Showering

Step 4: Reporting Symptoms

Step 5: Returning the Device

Troubleshooting Tips