Cookies Policy

Last updated: 5/24/2018

1. Introduction

This website is supported by or on behalf of Medi-Lynx Cardiac Monitoring, LLC with its registered office in Plano, Texas, the United States. The website uses cookies. By using this website you consent to the use of cookies.

2. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that your web browser saves on your device when you visit a website. They allow to tailor the website to your preferences and make it more useful to you.

There are two types of cookies:
  • first party cookies – these cookies are issued by the website you visit and only that website may read them;
  • third party cookies – these cookies are issued by the website(s) other than the website you visit.
Cookies (both first and third party cookies) can be either:
  • session cookies – these cookies exist only temporary in your browser cache while you are using the website; they are deleted as soon as you close the browser window or the session expires; or
  • persistent cookies – these cookies exist in your browser cache as long as is allowed by settings of your browser (see How to control cookies? ); they are read by the website each time you visit it.

3. First party cookies

This website may use first party cookies, in particular those of Google Analytics to track your behavior across this website. Google Analytics uses for example the _utmc cookie which is a session cookie. It aims to store information about your activities on this website so you do not have to remember the visited pages or start navigating the website all over again.

4. Third party cookies

This website may use third party cookies, in particular Google AdWords and Facebook Pixel.

Google AdWords tracks advertising banners and links you clicked at, for marketing and advertising purposes. It helps us to advertise across different websites. Please note that Google does not use your IP address (anonymization setting is used). More about Google’s advertising cookies can be read here. You can opt out of Google’s use of advertising cookies at any time by visiting Google’s Ads Settings.

Facebook Pixel are advertising cookies similar to those used by Google AdWords. They also enable us to advertise across different websites. More about Facebook advertising cookies can be read here under „Advertising, insights and measurement”. You can adjust your ad preferences by visiting Facebook helping center.

5. How to control cookies?

Apart from adjusting your ad preferences at Google and Facebook, you can control cookies in your web browser. Different browsers offer differing ways to configure your browser’s cookies settings. If you would like to delete or block cookies, please visit the help (support) pages of your browser.

Please note, that if you delete or block cookies, there may be some features of this website that will not be available to you and some pages may not display properly. Please note that the website may not recognize or respond to “do not track” technologies employed by your browser.

6. Policy changes

We may change this Cookies Policy from time to time. The updated versions of the Cookies Policy will apply to the use of this website from the date of their publication on this website. Please check this webpage regularly to ensure you are familiar with the possible changes.

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