Many cardiac conditions cannot be diagnosed with a single ECG test or by using standard diagnostic methods of arrhythmia detection.

PocketECG, however, makes precise diagnosis possible, even for the toughest cases. With statistical analysis of the full disclosure signal, we provide comprehensive reporting including burden for all arrhythmia types.

mobile cardiac telemetry

Extreme Values for Each Type of Arrhythmia

The physician is always presented with the onset, the offset and the most important part of every arrhythmia — the fastest or slowest part.

Extreme Values for Each Type of Arrhythimia

Accelerometer Data

The built-in accelerometer measures the patient’s activity continuously for every heartbeat. This enables separate heart rate analysis for activity, post-activity and inactivity, and correlation with every arrhythmia episode.

pocketecg report accelerometer data

Trends and Bar Charts

PocketECG is the only wireless system that shows on the trends: symptoms, atrial fibrillation, ventricular arrhythmia, supraventricular arrhythmia, and sinus bradycardia. The trends are arranged in a calendar view which can be used to correlate HR, patient triggered symptoms, and rhythm changes with the patient’s weekly activity.

pocketecg report af data