Monitoring &

PocketECG helps patients resume their daily lives while allowing physicians to monitor their heart health. Patients are prescribed our mobile, user-friendly device and monitoring for up to 30 days.

Smart Device

Roughly the size of a smart phone, PocketECG is lightweight for portability, designed for ease of use and to provide physicians with a high quality ECG signal. Patients adhere three leads from the device to their chest. Once in place, PocketECG provides a constant stream of ECG data, transmitting and disclosing beat on an ongoing basis.

pocketecg start session

Strong Connection

Because PocketECG consists of just a single device to collect, store and transmit data, you’ll never have to worry about Bluetooth pairing, a lost connection between devices or battery maintenance for multiple components. And patients can easily relocate electrodes in the event of skin irritation.

Complete Understanding

A built-in accelerometer monitors a patient’s physical activity for every single QRS, allowing physicians to correlate that activity with each arrhythmia. And patients can report their symptoms such as chest pain, dizziness or heart palpitations with just the touch of a screen.

patient reports symptoms

Complete Reporting

Physicians and specialists can access full disclosure ECG data and complete statistical reports online on any device through a standard internet browser. When using PocketECG as a classical holter, physicians can also remotely extend monitoring time if the gathered data is not conclusive yet.

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