About Medicalgorithmics S.A.

Medicalgorithmics S.A. was born out of passion.

We love what we do and we derive satisfaction from the fact that our enthusiasm helps change the world.

We are one of the largest and the fastest growing, publically traded cardiac monitoring companies in the world. We have developed the ultimate, non-invasive mobile ECG and arrhythmia diagnostic technology, called PocketECG. PocketECG is used by hundreds of healthcare institutions in the United States, European Union, Asia and Middle East for simultaneous monitoring of thousands of patients.

PocketECG is the most algorithmically advanced solution that integrates the latest software, hardware and telecommunication technologies in one system.

PocketECG is the only technology to combine the accuracy of full Holter analysis and the interactivity of hospital telemetry at a patient’s home!

In cooperation with our partner companies, we are expanding our presence on the world’s markets of cardiovascular monitoring, arrhythmia diagnostics, post- and pre-surgery monitoring, step-down care monitoring, cardiac rehabilitation, and Cardiac Safety. PocketECG is an effective tool for preventing unnecessary readmissions of Congestive Heart Failure patients.

About Medi-Lynx

Medi-Lynx was built on the foundation of providing superior quality care. A one-on-one approach allows for personalized service tailored for every physician. Our company’s core philosophy is centered on excellent customer service. Utilizing cutting-edge PocketECG technology, we deliver better analytics, improved patient diagnoses, and a higher standard of care.